february 29

Happy February 29!  Today is a whole extra day!  A whole 24 more hours you get this year! How will you spend it?  How will you use these extra hours to your fullest potential? Here are some ways to consider: Start with one, keep going.  (You don’t have to use up all these extra 24 […]

get cookin’

I thought it was about time to share some more recipes!  I am constantly adding to my Pinterest board and always have a hard time picking which recipe to try, can’t I just have them all right now!? Anyway, here are three I have tried and loved recently: Honey-lime sweet potato, black bean & corn […]

f*ck your pumpkin spice latte

The Autumn equinox is in one week.  Depending on where you live the weather may or may not feel like Fall already, but either way pumpkin everything  has already crept into our lives.  I personally make a point each year to wait to partake in all things pumpkin until it is officially Fall, but on […]