february 29

Happy February 29!  Today is a whole extra day!  A whole 24 more hours you get this year! How will you spend it?  How will you use these extra hours to your fullest potential?

Here are some ways to consider:

Start with one, keep going.  (You don’t have to use up all these extra 24 hours today, spread them out.)

Consider health.  Of your mind, your body, your home.  Of things that can help you improve all of these simultaneously.

Being busy.


Criticism & creating .

Happy home, happy you.

Consider making something.  It will make you feel good.  The first thing to do is start.

A recipe- for you, for sharing.

A garden.

A craft- to use, to see,  to share

A smile.

Other things to consider today and always:

stretch, read(not on a screen), get some fresh air, take 10 minutes to do nothing, tell someone you love them.


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