The Roman month Februarius was named after the Latin term  februum,  which means purification. 

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I just learned this about February and it feels perfect.  The fact that it is already more than a week into the second month of 2016 is mind boggling.  How did we get here already?  I need more time!  It’s all going so fast!

But also not really…..I mean, it’s only February.  Only the second month.

Both feelings make sense.  January comes and you have ideas and make plans and goals and resolutions and then the next few weeks just disappear and then….then February.  Purification.  Time for those plans and goals really start taking shape.  Time to readjust, rearrange, clean up, purge, purify.  February is when it all actually starts.

It seems that this sort of feeling is pretty wide spread this year, more than in the past.  There are so many books and blogs about minimalism and simplifying.  And there have been, for a long time.  But this year it seems to have caught up with most of us.  Not just a trend to follow anymore but a deep seeded need.  A need for less everything else and more of just what truly matters.  Are you feeling this too?



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