black friday & remaining thankful

First things first, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I hope you spent it with family and friends that you love, ate too much good food, drank too much good wine, and had a chance to really relax and enjoy the day.

I also hope that we can all remember to remain thankful, through the rest of the year and crazy holiday season, and every other day too.

Today is Black Friday.  A day when so many of us start the craziness that is gift shopping. A day of huge deals and door busters.  It’s a day of major consumption here in America and the corporate world that we so largely exist in.

And this not necessarily all bad, many of us find great joy in purchasing and making gifts for others, and that is wonderful.  Unfortunately, this time of year can be a very stressful time for many.  Instead of enjoying it many of us are freaking out about how and when to find all the gifts we need to find and get all the best deals on all of the things!

So this is what I am making my greatest attempt at, and I hope that you all will consider joining me: I am going to do my best to remain present and therefore be able to remain thankful.  We all tend to think about, and perhaps even discuss around the dinner table on Thanksgiving, the things we are thankful for.  I hope we can all remember those things in the face of traffic, long lines, out of stock items you drove so far for, and the poor cashier at the store who’s fault it is not but who it’s all too easy to take out your frustrations on.  If we can just check in with ourselves, be present in the moment and know what’s truly important in the grand scheme of things and be thankful for those things we have that are good and those things we don’t have that aren’t so good, everything could very well go a little smoother and as a result hopefully we will be much happier.

Today for Black Friday I slept in far too late and spent all day in my pajamas and did zero shopping.  We ended up hosting a small Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  This was not he original plan.  It is not tradition and it is not something we had ever done before. It was something that ended up happening because, well, life is life, and sometimes it can really kick some of us in face at the worst time. So we were all too happy to figure it out and it was wonderful and I am so thankful we could make it happen.  Today was a good day of rest and knowing what I have to be thankful for.

IMG_0217 IMG_0216 IMG_0215 IMG_0214 IMG_0213 IMG_0215


We also hosted a wonderful “friends-giving” last Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  My theme was “under the harvest moon”.  Here a few pictures I snapped before everyone showed up and I forgot things like cameras existed.  IMG_0208 IMG_0206 IMG_0205 IMG_0204 IMG_0203 IMG_0200




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