dirty laundry

In terms of laundry, room can be a rather generous term.  If are even lucky enough to have laundry machines in your actual home space, there’s a good chance it’s in a space much more like a closet and perhaps even squeezed into your bathroom or kitchen.




If you ask the internet for images of laundry rooms you can find many pictures of absolutely gorgeous spaces decked out with tons of pretty storage, nice paint jobs, chandeliers (not that I think your laundry area doesn’t deserve a chandelier) and even some with tv’s.  Apparently it takes some people so long to do the laundry that they need a tv in the laundry room itself-I’m so sorry to hear that…Anyway, I’m not really judging those people, actually I think we should make our spaces as pleasant as possible, especially the spaces that might only be dedicated to chores.  I say if you are lucky enough to have an actual laundry room, or maybe even ample garage space for your laundry, use it to it’s absolute fullest potential!

Not only do I want things to be pretty, I also am a little bit of a freak about them being organized.  My own laundry area is tucked into a hallway that leads to our back door, studio, and most importantly- our bedroom.  This means that first thing in the morning when we open the bedroom door we are greeted by the dryer.  I have been brainstorming ways to make this space a functional and beautiful as possible.  I think I have some good ideas, but no matter how organized I make the space, I still think there are some curtains in this area’s future.

Here are some nicely designed and organized small laundry areas for your own inspiration.

So go ahead! Add art, chandeliers, fun paint!  Make this feel like less of a chore!  Also-just do the damn laundry!  If you don’t let it pile up, it also feels like less of a chore-quick tip of the day ;).

Here are a couple more easy things to do to help keep it more organized. Some of these are especially handy if your doing laundry for a whole family.


2 thoughts on “dirty laundry

  1. Love! Wish I had a pretty laundry area…our machines are tucked in under the stairs in basement. But hey…at least have machines at the house…so guess I can’t complain 🙂

  2. Lol on the tv comment! 😛
    I love the lost socks idea.
    I venture into our laundry only when I have to. I doubt a chandelier or a tv would tempt me to stay any longer than necessary. I love these ideas. My laundry needs a little love and these ideas are great 🙂 Thank you.

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