get cookin’

I thought it was about time to share some more recipes!  I am constantly adding to my Pinterest board and always have a hard time picking which recipe to try, can’t I just have them all right now!?

Anyway, here are three I have tried and loved recently:

Honey-lime sweet potato, black bean & corn tacos.  These were SO GOOD!  I could eat these every day for a very long time.


Roasted Potato Salad   We had this last night.  It was delicious!  Also very easy to make.  It would definitely be a great dish to make if you are entertaining or going to a potluck.

roasted potato salad

Caramelized Apple Blue Cheese Crostini   These are just wonderful.  Really.  You will definitely eat way more than you probably should and it will be completely worth it.



2 thoughts on “get cookin’

    • Thanks Julia! I will try the sweet potato salad too. You have so many amazing looking recipes! I will being trying out many of them. I was super stoked to discover your blog, not only vegetarian, but also not at all intimidating for someone still learning about cooking.

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