coffee table vs. no coffee table

Yesterday I talked about how we are moving and currently in the purging process.  Because we are staying with friends for a little while and definitely not in love with the majority of our current furniture we are getting rid of just about all of it.  The possibility of purchasing a home instead of continuing to rent is on the table and while I will not be directly involve in the purchasing I have high hopes of living in it for a while. ( I figure if I keep cooking my guy good food and telling him he’s beautiful, he’ll keep letting my stick around 😉 )

Anyway, even though a new house could be months away, I am, of course, still daydreaming about decorating a new space.  We will obviously need to replace some of our furniture, but I’m thinking a lot about whether or not a coffee table is an absolute necessity.  Some people have beautifully styled coffee tables full of great art books and pretty accessories, but in my personal experience, those things get pushed aside every day in favor of using the coffee table to eat dinner on.  Though I am guilty of indulging in this act, it doesn’t make me happy as a daily routine.

Here are some pretty spaces that have opted to use smaller tables or ottomans in lieu of a coffee table, I mean you still need a spot to set your coffee or wine.  And one space that opted for nothing at all.



So tell me, how do you feel about not having a coffee table?  Also, do you eat dinner at your coffee table or at your dining table?


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