minimizing: work in progress

Moving.  Something that can be exciting and will be (at least somewhat) stressful.  Our household is being uprooted due to the sale of our rental house.  It’s not as tragic as it sounds, we knew it was coming.  We have a good relationship with our landlord and he was awesome about keeping us posted on what was going on.  However, the housing market is ca-razy in Seattle right now which means we will be temporarily staying with friends while we continue our search.

SO..minimizing!  Moving is obviously a great time to purge your belongings, we all know this, and there has been some serious purging going on around here!  And with the major minimalism/simple living movements that have become so trendy along with the capsule wardrobe thing popping up all other the blog-o-sphere,  I decided this was a good time to seriously reevaluate my closet.  I don’t find it necessary to drag all my clothes to our friend’s house for just a couple of months, so I’ve been going through my closet over and over trying to put together an appropriate small Spring wardrobe to bring with me.  I have discovered that I really have a mostly cold weather wardrobe so I may need to purchase a couple of new items but I’m aiming to work mostly with what I have.

I obsessed over my Pinterest boards forever and  have come up with a collection of images to help inspire outfits to make mostly with items I already own.  This is the mood I’m attempting to accomplish..

This is Seattle, so even though it’s Spring it can still be chilly around here and I do need to make sure I have plenty of layering options that all still work together which so far is my biggest struggle with what I currently own.

Have any of you adopted this capsule wardrobe idea?  How is it working so far?


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