getting ready for spring

The Spring equinox is this Friday!  Hopefully you are somewhere where that matter to you and not still under lots of ice and snow.  Either way, I made a little list of things to do to get ready for the new season.  Yes, some of the list includes some dreaded dusting in the name of spring cleaning, but I promise it’s not hard or time consuming and you will feel so much better!

~Clean your mattress.  

Get some baking soda, add a few drops essential oils.  I would recommend tea tree for it’s antibacterial properties or lavender because it’s relaxing and you know, sleep.  Sprinkle it on your mattress, leave for about an hour and vacuum.  Throw some [clean] sheets and bedding on and look forward to some sweet dreams.

~Clean your pillows.

While your at it, wash your pillows too!  I mean because if you don’t, then really, whats the point?  Throws those suckers in the washing machine with hot water and detergent, add a little white vinegar if you have it.  When they are done, throw them in the dryer with a couple of tennis balls to help keep them fluffed.  If you don’t have tennis balls lying around, you may want to take them out and fluff them a bit a couple of times  during the dry cycle.  If you have foam pillows, wash the covers and follow the mattress cleaning instructions for the foam inserts.

~Clean your blinds and/or curtains.

I know, I know!  Cleaning blinds is like the worst thing ever!  But is it really? Take them down, put them in your bath tub with warm water and white cleaning vinegar, wipe gently with a sponge, dry the best you can and hang them back up.  If you don’t have a tub,  get a bucket of warm vinegar water and a sponge and clean them while they are still hanging.  Get a towel to lay on the floor and be gentle so you don’t break your blinds or pull them down.   I promise you wont regret it once your domicile is free of this dust.   For curtains, just follow the instructions on the tags, if these are no longer attached, err on the side of caution and wash on gentle cycle, or have them dry cleaned.

~Clean your windows. (at least the inside for now)

Again, like the mattress but not the pillows-what’s the point if you don’t do the whole job?  I’m not going to give any window cleaning instructions.  I’m mean, really..

Then when you’ve been a good kid  responsible adult and finished your chores, here are some fun projects to bring even more Springtime into your life!  (And no they do not include anything pastel or Easter related)

painted pots

Paint some terracotta pots.  Use them to plant fresh herbs for your kitchen.

rope jar diy

Everyone else is telling you to bring in fresh flowers, so I’m not going to.  However, this is a fun, easy project to give you something to put those flowers in.  We all have jars in the recycling.  This is a great way to reuse them and bring some texture into your home.

marbled glasses

Marble some glasses.   Then invite some friends over and celebrate Spring over a cocktail.


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