amazing lace

Lace has been around since the 15th century, but apparently there has always been some dispute about where it originated.  In the beginnings of it’s production, lace was reserved for people of the clergy or of nobility due to the painstaking process of hand making it.

Now days, lace can conjure images of wedding dresses, lingerie, or your grandmother’s tablecloths.  It can be sweet, sexy, pretty,ethereal, bohemian and sometimes just bad.  How you feel about it most likely depends on your experiences with it.

Here are some examples of lace I  am finding quite amazing!  Maybe it will give you a different perspective too..

This Marc Jacobs gown kills me!  It’s so great!  Those sleeves!



I think this dress has a very sexy, bohemian vibe but depending on your own point of view, it could be one of those things that reminds you of granny’s tablecloth.

Black wedding dresses aren’t all that crazy of an idea anymore, but I think most people are still opting for a lighter color.  I for one would not hesitate to wear a black wedding dress, specifically this one!

This dress is pretty, but also kind of edgy at the same time, my favorite feeling for a dress.

Leave it up to Alexander McQuenn to give us one of the most spectacular examples.  I have no right words for this dress. However, here is a picture of Drew Barrymore rocking it!  I can not tell how happy this picture makes me.


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