Disneyland/Long Beach

Disneyland! We were there ALL day! It rained on us the second half of the day but it was still pretty warm so we were troopers and stayed to go on every last ride we could manage.   We ate brunch at Carnation Cafe first thing before hitting the rides and had ice cream on our way out before they shut the gates on us.  Disneyland is a completely different experience as an adult than as a child, and also probably a completely necessary one.  The details you notice as an adult are unbeatable.

The next day we headed to Long Beach. The first night there we stayed on the Queen Mary.  After checking in to our room we went on a self-guided audio tour.  The Queen Mary is huge, just slightly smaller than the Titanic was.  It’s also beautiful and full of amazing history and possibly haunted (there are many claims of this, we did not experience anything spooky in our time there, but I’m not saying it’s not either).  A definite must see if you are ever in the Long Beach area.  They offer a few different tours depending on your interest and you do not have to stay the night to visit.

IMG_20150127_134844970IMG_20150127_125319005queen mary 1IMG_20150127_141505571IMG_20150127_184302379IMG_20150128_242958361IMG_20150127_135309777_HDR
This was our view of Long Beach through the porthole in our room

I somehow magically woke up a the perfect time to see the sunrise through that little window.
There are a few bars/cafes/restaurants on the ship.  We only visited the Observation Bar.  It’s the original Art Decor bar on the ship.


Before leaving the Queen Mary the next day we took a tour of the Scorpion Submarine docked next to the ship.


Then we spent another two days in town at an adorable Airbnb.  We spent that time just wandering the streets visiting some quirky thrift/vintage shops, great bars and restaurants and of course,  the beach.  The vintage shops in this area were some of the most amusing I’ve visited.   Some of the most memorable treasures waiting for purchase included the most epic cat pillow, a cheese wedge candle, and of course a cock sock.

IMG_20150129_140607114 IMG_20150129_161938131_HDR IMG_20150129_162707704

IMG_20150128_152804973IMG_20150128_152822227IMG_20150128_172031527_HDR (1)IMG_20150129_170429088


Our last night there we saw the most amazing sunset!



A great Winter getaway if you’re not looking to get a tan.  Since it’s not tourist season is was pretty calm and quiet everywhere we went which was a nice way to see a new place.  I would love to visit Long Beach again sometime during the Summer to see how different it is.



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