heading to cali…

On the 25th I’m heading to California!  It’s warmer than usual there right now and I can’t wait!  A little sunny vaca is the perfect thing in the middle of a Seattle Winter, even if it is warmer that usual here too.

During the five days I’m there we will be going to Disneyland (!) and the hanging out in Long Beach.  I’ve never been to Long Beach so if anyone has suggestions of what to do/see/eat, please do tell!

So anyway, of course I’ve been thinking entirely too much about what I’m going to wear during our visit.  Even though it’s pretty warm during the day, I know nights will still be cool so layering is key.

I think these gals are providing just the inspiration I need.

I’m really loving the dressed up shorts look.  I think it could be perfect for lots of different activities day to night in L.A where things are casual but also not really sometimes, you know?

Disnyland look?

Another good day to night look.  I love me a maxi skirt!

Now for the discipline to stick to this plan when it’s time to pack!


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