Happy 2015!!

I’m hoping everyone is still feeling like this


Well, it’s been a good three months since I last posted.  Did you think I ran away to Paris or maybe Belize?  I, sadly, did not.  I was in fact just caught up in the chaos that is the holidays, and in my world ( the retail one) that lasts about as much time as I have been AWOL.  To be honest, the retail job part of the holidays wasn’t all that bad for me this year, but the holidays in general have a tendency to leave me feeling a little mentally and spiritually drained and therefore a bit uninspired.

Now that we’re nearly two weeks deep into 2015, in ready to get going again!  To start the ball rolling, how about a Winter mood board?

winter 2015 mood board

It has been unusually warm in Seattle save for a couple random weeks that slipped in here and there.  I actually am a huge baby about being cold so I’m ok with the warmer temps, but it does make me feel as though something is lacking in my Winter.  Something like frost, icy air, and all the colors that come with it.  Even though I’m craving those colors and feelings, I still need a little something to spice it up and add some warmth.  I want it feel like looking out the window at a peaceful frozen forest form the comfort of a cozy couch near a fire sipping spiced wine or hot chocolate…the perfect Winter.


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