guinea pigs


Last Thursday my guy and I adopted two little Guinea pigs.  We found a really cool family run farm in Arlington, about 44 miles north of Seattle, where they train and board horses and Guinea pigs.  Our piggies are both male or boars (females are sows, just like actual pigs).

Meet Boris, 4.5 months


And Pierre 3.5 months


Boris was shown a few times, that’s why he has that little ear tag and Pierre does not.

We already knew a bit about taking care of Guinea pigs, but I still started doing obsessive research on the little critters.  If you have Guinea pigs or are considering them, I have been enjoying this blog.



2 thoughts on “guinea pigs

    • I know! I remember hearing some stories about your piggies. My guy also had guinea pigs as a kid and I have been adoring them for quite some time now so it was a perfect fit for us. 🙂

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