split personalities

This is how I tend to want to dress.

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I love to look at these simple, mostly black and white rooms.  I find images of them incredibly soothing and fantasize about having spaces in my home like this, but I know that in reality it would actually drive me crazy.  I love color and need to have a lot of color and pattern around me.  However, when it comes to my closet, anything too colorful doesn’t feel like “me”.  Not to say I don’t buy a colorful or patterned piece now and then, but often it spends most of it’s time hanging in my closet.


And this is how I tend to want to decorate.

I love colorful outfits mixed with many patterns and textures!  Looking at them anyway.  I love it if I get together with a friend and she is dressed in an amazing bohemian outfit with almost too many details.  I could look at it all day.  But when I try to dress this way it’s just not a comfortable as my simple black, grey, white, blue jeans type of garb.  Again,  just not “me” in some way.  In decorating my home though, I can’t get enough of surrounding myself with this style of things.  The more colors, patterns, textures, (even some clashing), the better.


Maybe in some way this is my stylistic way of having my cake and eating it to, I’m not really sure.  Maybe it’s not even all that uncommon.  I had a chat about this with a friend just the other day about this very thing.  She happens to have a very similar style split personality to myself but I don’t know that anyone else I know is quite as style crazy as the two of us.

So, tell me, is this like you too, or do you tend to dress and decorate in a similar style?


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