get cookin’

It’s dinner time!  What are you eating?

I have been putting my Pinterest addiction to a little better use lately and have made some of the dishes I keep saving to my “food” board.  Here a few of my recent favorites to give you a little meal time inspiration.

Spicy Coconut Noodles  This is SO easy to make  and a nice alternative to my go to Italian pasta dishes.  Also a much less expensive way to go when I’m craving Asian food, which is often!



Thai Curry Noodle Soup  Like I said, I crave Asian food often!  This soup was delightful and quite pretty also, which I love.

thai soup


Lasagna Roll-Ups  Another pasta dish if you are in the same non-carb-fearing club as myself.  This recipe is super easy to change up in anyway you want and also pretty fun to make with another person.  The fun part is very important to me because otherwise the whole cooking thing would never happen, it’s something I’m learning to enjoy…

lasagna rolls


Next on my list…

Cauliflower “Couscous”    Vegan Green Chilli Mac N Cheese   Motz, Endive, Nectarine Salad

cauliflower couscousvegan mac n cheeseendive nectarine salad


Have any yummy recipes you love to make?  Or are you just pinning and not cooking….

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