a thing to wear

Most of the year, when it’s a little darker and wetter as it tends to be around this part of the world, I’m generally drawn to a more monochromatic rocker chic-ish sort of look.  But during the time of year when the sunshine starts showing her pretty face more often, I always find my personal style shifts a little more in a bohemian direction.  A couple of sunny days lately have me craving this flowier, prettier, freer, style and this year I am super into kimono jackets!

To me they just give off this Stevie Nicks or Janis Joplin sort of vibe, which I love.

I also love the flexibility of the kimono jacket.  Great with cutoffs, jeans, maxi dresses, or as a bathing suit cover up.  Once I find my perfect kimono it may become as attached to me as my favorite scarf is in the cooler months.

The kimono (着物?)[1] is a Japanese traditional garment. The word “kimono”, which literally means a “thing to wear” (ki “wear” and mono “thing”),[2] has come to denote these full-length robes. The standard plural of the word kimono in English is kimonos,[3] but the unmarked Japanese plural kimono is also sometimes used.


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