kilims, dhurries, soumaks…

Rug weaving is one of the oldest art forms in the world.  There is a bit of confusion about the origin of weaving rugs.  One theory says that is began with nomadic people who used these rugs as protection against harsh elements in the form of tent covers, floor covers, saddle blankets and more.  Another theory says they began simply as a decorative item made by a more civilized people.  The truth probably lies somewhere in the combination of these two theories.   In their countries of origin these rugs are often used as prayer rugs or in weddings or other important gatherings.  Regardless of origin or intended purpose, these rugs are making it into many of homes today simply because we find them beautiful.

Recycled into poufs or pillows, or even used to reupholster furniture, are other fun ways to add these woven rugs to your home.

This is certainly not a new trend, we see plenty of it in blogs, magazines and on Pinterest, but it is one that I love! How do you incorporate these beautiful rugs, if at all, into your home?


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