Portland, OR

I might be a little late getting to this post, but I still wanted to share about my trip to Portland a couple weeks ago.  We stayed at a few different McMenamins hotels on our trip.  They were all very different and very fun!

Our first night was actually in Centralia, WA, not Oregon.  We decided to stop here on the way down because the Olympic hotel looked really cool.


They have a huge billiards room, a great old wood bar, and a movie theatre.


Centralia is a very small town, most of which is closed down on Sundays, which is the day we were there, and even more was closed that day because of some heavy snowfall so it was nice that the hotel had so many things to entertain us. We did find a couple of antique shops open though and let me tell you, if you like antique shopping, you need to go to Centralia!


If we had driven instead of taking the train this bar cart would have come home with me. It was only $68! What!?

Not sure what the deal is with this crazy cat tea pot, but I couldn’t resist snapping a picture!


So many places had great tin ceilings.


We also found a cute frozen yogurt place open.  It was delicious but as soon as we headed back onto the snowy streets we wondered if it had been a very good idea.

The next day we headed to Portland to the White Eagle Hotel and Saloon.


This hotel is the smallest of the McMenamins, I think 11 rooms.  It’s  a very old, very cool brick building with another amazing wood bar and believed to be haunted.

The next day we headed to the Pearl District to the Crystal Hotel.


This place is awesome! The attached restaurant, Zeus Cafe, had the best breakfast!

image image

This place also has a soaking pool in the basement and two attached music venues and is across the street from the famous Crystal Ballroom. It’s also in the perfect location for walking and bussing around downtown.


Portland is a great place to support small local business and you can really tell that it’s important to people there, we found lots of great little shops that I would have been happy to just move right into!

We also had fun spending an afternoon playing put put golf at this black light course!


There are so many places I still want to see and eat at!  I can’t wait to go back!


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