on the 6th day of Christmas…

Some time to work on my blog!

**Please read last two paragraphs if nothing else.  Thanks!

So as you may have noticed (or maybe you didn’t but I’m going to pretend that you all checked in every day and were highly disappointed that I haven’t been posting) I have been TOTALLY slacking on this blog thing!  I never shared pictures of my Christmas decorations like I said I would (well I talked about it on FB anyway, so maybe some of you never even knew I was slacking on the job so much)  so I’m doing it today!  A little late but it’s still the holiday season and maybe some of you will still enjoy it anyway.

my xmas fireplace 2013   xmas 2013 mantle 1xmas 2013 mantle 2   xmas 2013 mantle 3   xmas 2013 gifts and tree   xmas 2013 gifts 2

Apologies for the crappy old i-phone shots.  So, I did’t do a big tree this year, just a tiny one and garland swag along the mantle.  I stuck with a black and white and metallic theme.  The faux greenery garland is so great to add lots of different things to, it ends up looking really great especially is you get one that’s not too fake-y looking.  I added withe and gold ribbon, copper beaded garland, gold and silver ornament balls and some clear ornament balls that I filled with different things.

ornament project


The glitter dipped feathers hanging over the mirror were also fun and easy to make and I think I might just leave them up all the time.  I also added a few natural touches like pine cones, twigs and a couple birch wrapped candles, tucked in lots of tea lights and kept most of my wrapping in the same color scheme.

*I wish my pictures for this post could have been better and that I had take more pictures of the process, however, the reasons I did not are far greater than my regret of not doing this.  This is the first Christmas I have truly enjoyed in the many, many years!  A huge part of that is due to no longer working for a large corporate retail company.  Working for a small, local business for someone who views me as a human being has made more difference in my life than I ever imagined!  This year I did not work obscenely long days, over night shifts and/or 3 am shifts for weeks leading up to Christmas, put in tons of overtime which would take away time with loved ones, or deal with hundreds of cranky people who had been out shopping and waiting in lines for way too long, and doing all of this for a management team that was made up of mostly unhappy people for all of the same reasons listed who were working for bosses in a corporate office in another state who know nothing about any of their employees except for the numbers that are produced by them every hour.  Corporate retail is (in my experiences) a truly soul-sucking job, no matter what your position or title is.

*I have talked about this a little before, and people who know me personally have heard me bitch talk about this a LOT!  But this is what I really want to tell everyone:  (maybe you can make this a New Year’s resolution) When you are out shopping, eating, visiting a hotel or any other establishment that belongs to the service industry, please, please please remember that all of the people you come in contact with are people!  They have lives and loved ones just like you do and if they are having a hard day they are being paid to pretend like they are having a great day and smile at you and do their best to make you happy and basically pretend NOT to be a real person.  Some of these service people will ultimately fail at doing this pretending while they are servicing you because, again, they are people.  In most cases these people are not allowed to go home because they are having a hard day or if they are sick because no one they work for or with cares enough to pick up the slack in their absence that day.  Please learn to tell the difference between someone being a real person who might be having a hard day and actually getting poor customer service.  Also please know and understand that the people you are coming face to face with in these establishments don’t actually have a lot of decision making power, not even the managers.  When you ask for a better deal, or for the policy rules to be bent for you because you find them ridiculous or because you “spend lots and lots of money” there, remember that the people who are working there are telling you no because they have been instructed to follow these rules by corporate.  And yes, in many cases, if you contact the corporate office and explain your unsatisfactory experience, they will contact the store and tell them to just take care of you and make the workers who helped you feel like crap for following the rules that were very strongly put into place.  This is a vicious, vicious cycle!!  But I have seen it happen SO many times and SO many companies.  So here’s what to do: treat other people like people (remember The Golden Rule!?), be a good customer and you will get good service. Being a good customer doesn’t mean you can’t ask for a better deal, etc., but understand if the answer is no.  Be aware of refund and exchange policies where you shop,  be aware that many places are often understaffed and you will be waiting longer than you may have hoped, be aware that there are other customers, not just you.  All of these things will make your experiences much better and also the days at work for others much better.   

Alright.  Well I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday/Solstice/Christmas/Kwanza!  Thanks for stopping by!  🙂


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