TIS the season……..TIS-really

So everyone still keeps saying that they’re not ready yet!  Uummmm……….have you checked the calender?!  And honestly, have you ever felt READY for Christmas?  It sneaks up on us every year!  You know why?  Because we are trying so hard to hide form it!  At this point I would just like to remind us all:

Seriously, this is supposed to be fun! And if it’s not, I don’t know why you’re doing it.  The stress of spending money and seeing other people that you feel like you HAVE to see or impress in some way is such a waste of life.  If the holidays make you feel like this-YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!  And trust me, after more than a decade in retail, I know that a lot of people are doing it wrong.

So, anyway, I know “it’s not even Thanksgiving yet!!” BUT I’m a busy lady people!  So, yes, I am digging out, making, putting up Christmas stuff this week.  I will be working a lot in the next few weeks but I still want to participate in the happy parts of the season, so I’m staring now.  And, yes, I AM having fun!  Let me show you an example of how that works in case you need a little help:

source unknown

source unknown

Let me know if you need someone to help you out with that, I will gladly do my best.

Now that we have that covered, here are a few images that are inspiring my holiday look this year.  I am going with a black, white and metallic theme with lots of natural elements.  It will get me through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years with minor adjustments.  And if you’re celebrating Hanukkah, something along these lines could work for that too.  The first day is on Thanksgiving you know!

gucci flapper dress


Is that Gucci dress not the perfect holiday party frock?  I dying over here!

So tell me what you are doing for whatever holidays you are participating in this year.  I would love to know!


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