fun fact friday

Well hello there November.  You are a little earlier than I was expecting……….
Anyone else feeling that??
On the plus side, this means lots of yummy fall treats and gatherings with loved ones.  And of course, one of those favorite yummy treats is none other than apple pie!
Here are some fun facts about this delicious treat, which, by the way, might be less American than you think..
•  There really was a Granny Smith.  Maria Ann Smith was born in England in 1799, but moved with her husband and children to Australia in 1838.


The Smiths were farmers whose specialty was apples.  In 1868, Mrs. Smith, also well-known for her fruit pies, developed a new type of apple.
It is believed that she accidentally crossed a wild European crabapple with the more commonly grown orchard apple.  The delicious new fruit was named the “Granny Smith” in her honor.
Granny Smith and her apples are celebrated every year in Australia with the Granny Smith Festival.
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What are you looking forward to this November?

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