gatherings in the garden (?)

This Summer I made all these plans for a beautiful garden party in the hopes of taking full advantage of my new big back yard.  Plans that included gathering tons of inspiration on Pinterest, of course.  You can check that out here if like.  Unfortunately, life happened, and my party never became reality.

Jump to now:

I’m thinking-well why the heck can’t I bring my garden party inside?!   It’s far too wet and cold in Seattle most days lately to keep things outside and just bundle up a little more, but I don’t see why I can’t just bring the garden in instead.   I’m hoping to make this lil’ shindig look a little like this:



I’m thinking a potluck might be fun, but I will still need a few goodies to provide my guests.  These look perfect!


I believe these are root beer floats but I’m thinking some sort of dark beer for the party.  Either way, serving them in champagne flutes is such a fun idea!


Do you have any Autumn gatherings planned?  I would love to hear about the details!





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