oh my gourd!

Ok, so I said I would post this yesterday, sharing what I did with all my garden goodies, but then I ended up on a cleaning frenzy and reorganized my entire kitchen.  It happens sometimes, I’m not really sure what’s wrong with me.   Anyway, I lied a little, I’m sorry, but here are my crappy phone wonderful pictures of all my messings around.

Somehow we ended up with a bunch of decorative gourds in the garden.  I think they  are probably the seeds form the composted gourds of last Autumn.  Persistent little buggers, but hey, that’s at least $7 worth of decor at the pumpkin patch.   The yellow flowers are broccoli flowers.  Our broccoli immediately went to seed and we got no food from it this year, but I did find a use for these pretties.

IMG_20130924_203616_023 IMG_20130924_203529_483 IMG_20130924_203605_914 IMG_20130924_203529_483 IMG_20130924_203616_023 IMG_20130924_203545_024

IMG_20130924_202552_928 IMG_20130924_202742_390 IMG_20130924_202711_596 IMG_20130924_202559_060


This is and extra little thing I threw together with the crazy amounts of purple basil and parsley I still have.  Don’t you wish you were the tiniest fish in the world and could hang out in there?





And as for all those tomatoes?  Soup of course!  I (mostly) followed this recipe.  It was pretty tasty, especially with grilled cheese!  The recipe calls for cream to be added at the end but I used a little plain yogurt instead.

tomato soup 1tomato soup 2


Happy Autumn!  Tell me what you are doing to celebrate/get ready for the new season.  Decorating?  Cleaning/organizing?  Yummy recipes?  ???  I want to know all about it!


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