I love mixed styles and patterns.  It can really add some much more dimension and interest to a room.  And in my opinion, is just a lot more fun!  These two rooms are great examples of the right way to do it.

This dining room with the Baroque sofa paired with more modern Eames-esque chairs and an over sized industrial pendant light KILLS me!  It’s so good!  The monochromatic color scheme allows the contrasting styles to relate to each other easily .

And then there’s this bedroom.  Come on!  There’s a lot going on here but the calmer moments in the white lamp, the cool, calm aqua color of the headboard upholstery, and the simple yet statement making artwork help keep the rest of it from feeling too crazy.  That gold Baroque bed frame could have been taken in a totally different direction, but I’m loving it paired with the toile wallpaper and shams in updated colors.  And then the addition of the graphic black and white duvet just tops the whole thing off, adding another bold graphic pattern without being too in your face and taking over any of the other elements of the room.

So, what do you think?  Are you into the mix and match thing or do you think there are way too many rules being broken here and I’ve gone mad?


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