love, happiness & music

The last week of my life has been full of love, happiness and music and continues on all of this week!  Some very special friends of mine in local Seattle band The People Now are making waves in the music scene here and, near or far, I recommend you pay attention!  This week The People Now are hosting Italian band Neodea as part of an international music exchange program they call Bands Beyond Borders and I have been lucky enough to be part for all the shenanigans!  Check out their webpage to learn more about this awesome program.

tpn kisw

The People Now at KISW
photo by Safia Khalid

neodea kisw

Neodea at KISW
photo by Safia Khalid

Recently both bands were on Seattle radio station KISW for their Loud and Local show. Listen to it here

Supporting local art is something I feel is very important and what The People Now are doing with Bands Beyond Borders is changing our definition of “local” into something so much bigger.  Check out Neodea’s website here.  They are really a wonderful group of people and a great band with many important things to say.  I feel truly lucky to be able to be part of all of this.   And don’t forget to keep and eye on The People Now to see what other amazing things they have up their sleeves and who else they pull into the ever growing local circle.  Follow both bands on Facebook here and here, and if you are in the Seattle area be sure to come by one of the shows this week! You won’t regret it.

all at KISW

photo by Safia Khalid


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